“It’s not a question of speed, or rapidity. It’s a question of tempo.”

– Emmanuel (Manu) Lassaigne

Grape leaf macro photo
Chardonnay grapes for sparkling wine


Each year our wines will differ as things ebb and flow. The yeasts differ according to the vineyards, their row orientations, and the climate that year.

The grapes are harvested after we smell, taste, and feel phenolic maturity. Carefully picked by hand and field sorted so that only the best fruit is selected, the grapes are kept intact in shallow vessels until they reach the press.

Crushing grapes for coteaux-style wines
Dry ice in the barrel to prevent oxidation


Gentle pressing is systematically employed to caress the purest form of juice and allow the terroir to show through. The personalities of our wines expresses themselves directly at pressing.

Once settled, the juices are delicately transferred to oak barrels where alcoholic fermentation occurs, which gives the wines their character, body, fruit, roundness, and subtlety.

The quality of the grapes, the long vinification period and the use of small barrels allows the natural clarification of the cuvées. We operate without fining and without filtration so as to avoid stripping the wine of its full sensorial potential. The wine is built slowly, naturally, and thus retains all its organoleptic qualities. If warranted, malolactic conversion is completed.


Bottling & Maturation

The barrels are topped up weekly. We continue to listen into the wine to detect the threshold differences and balance of the final blend. 

For our sparkling wines, after several months on the lees, the wine begins to show itself and is racked once for tirage preparation. Once ready, the wine is bottled and rests on its lees until disgorgement in the darkness and coolness of our cellar. The second fermentation kinetics create movement inside the bottle before the yeasts fall out. Disgorgement and riddling will be carried out manually.

Daily work and a humble and philosophic approach help us to lead the wine to its most beautiful expression while pursuing the ambitious goal of one day becoming vignerons.

All this to say, our wines are made with intention and great care, every step of the way.