Kenny McMahon | Winemaker, CoFoundeR

Kenny’s profound love for wine began at the age of 12 during a family trip to Napa, CA, where he first savored the flavor of Chardonnay wine grapes, igniting a passion that shaped his lifelong journey into winemaking. Pursuing his ambitions at Washington State University (WSU), he enrolled in a prestigious doctoral program and met Allison, his future wife, who was his tour guide at the time. Kenny’s PhD research delved into the science of traditional method sparkling winemaking, focusing on the effects of tirage and dosage on the wine’s sensory profile. After graduating in 2016, he broadened his expertise across various industries, gaining invaluable experience with leading companies in alcohol, food, and healthcare. Yet, his passion for winemaking drew him back to the vineyard, where he flourished in Washington State with Ste Michelle Wine Estates, Two Vintners, and Erica Orr at Orr Wines and Orr Wine Lab. Now in the Willamette Valley, Kenny balances a remote day job in User Research while managing production for Arabilis and consulting for several client wineries, handling tasks from harvest assistance to strategic winemaking guidance, showcasing his dedication and influence in the wine industry.

Allison McMahon | CEO, CoFounder

Allison McMahon’s journey into the wine world began with a strong scientific foundation, earning a BS in Cell/Molecular Biology and culminating in a PhD from Washington State University, where she focused on the intricacies of Syrah wines, particularly their flavor finish. Her passion lies at the intersection of technical science and the art of winemaking, exploring how tannin and alcohol content influence the chemical makeup, taste, and perception of wine. Allison seamlessly transitioned her expertise into research in the corporate realm for various sectors including food, hardware, and digital experiences. Alongside her corporate research, she partners with Kenny to bring their shared vision, Arabilis, to life. For Allison, wine is more than a beverage; it’s a conduit for shared experiences, bridging technical know-how with the joy of creating moments for people to connect. She also serves on the board of the Eola-Amity Hills AVA, contributing to the community that shares her passion for the world of wine.