We source our grapes from distinctive vineyards in the Eola-Amity Hills and nearby regions in the Willamette Valley and Columbia Gorge AVAs. Each vineyard offers unique terroirs that enhance the complexity of our wines. We work with partners that practice organic farming, with some vineyards being biodynamically farmed. These sites produce a variety of grapes, including Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay, for both still and sparkling wines. Our close collaboration with dedicated vineyard owners is the starting point and crucial for our high-quality wine production.

Sojeau Vineyard


Denny and T, a husband-wife team, transformed a cherry orchard into a highly sought after vineyard. They have established a genuine, loving relationship with the property and it trickles over to the community of winegrowers who have the humble opportunity to work with the Sojeau fruit. Their Pinot Noir grows in volcanic soil high up on the windward side of the Eola-Amity Hills. This site was planted in 2007 to three clones of Pinot Noir including Dijon 115, Wädenswil, and Pommard. Sojeau has been the hallmark of our reserve blends offering up textures that bring sweet and supple tannins and bright, salivating red fruit sensory flavors. In 2023, we embraced some curiosity and experimentation by transforming Sojeau fruit into blanc de noirs base wine and the results are amazing; enough for us to continue doing so and double-down on our sparkling future with this vineyard.


This vineyard lies on the windward side of the Eola-Amity Hills AVA directly in the Pacific wind path of the Van Duzer Corridor. Ken Pearlman and Dana Baker planted 18 acres in 2017. The site sits atop an ancient marine shoal facing south at an elevation of 400-600 feet. The Chardonnay blocks sit in the lower core that is primarily sandstone, marine siltstone, and sandy loam. Often while walking our rows of Chardonnay, we find fossils of razor clams, scallops, oysters, mollusks, as well as petrified driftwood imprinted in the white sandstone. We find ourselves enjoying a glass of wine or two with Ken and Dana on their property, at times even camping there.  They are great partners and generous hosts. 
Stiling Vineyard with Kenny and Jeff

Stiling Vineyard

We are excited to be working with Jeff and Karen Stiling and get our dog fix with their vineyard pup, Kona.  We are contracting Chardonnay from the Stilings. We hand hoe our block of mixed Dijon clones to avoid application of Round-Up/Glyphosate. Their vineyard is on the eastern slopes of the Eola-Amity Hills formation. The aspect is a gentle eastern-facing slope that tails north. The vineyard sits at an elevation ranging from 360 to 420 feet and is oriented north-south to take advantage of the morning sun. It is also subject to the Van Duzer winds to clear out the hot air that sits on the eastern valley floor. Soils are varied and include Jory, Witzel, Ritner, Nekia and Saum. There are Missoula boulders bigger than our car, along with volcanic and sandstone rocks bubbling up to the surface. The vineyard is managed sustainably with under vine cultivation and varied cover crops. In 2025, we will begin contracting their entire block of Pinot Meunier at 450' on Jory clay.

Cristom's Eileen Vineyard

Eola-Amity Hills
This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. One we did not take lightly. We were able to get access to extra fruit that a winery friend did not need and helped us get our start with our inaugural 2018 Eola-Amity Hills Reserve Pinot Noir. Eileen Vineyard was planted in 2000 and sits at the crest of Cristom’s property. It is planted to a mix of clones on deep volcanic, Columbia River Basalts. It is at the direct mercy of the Van Duzer Winds and the Pacific maritime influence which cause consistently dramatic diurnal shifts. The windswept vines yield thick-skinned clusters that ripen evenly, yet slowly. This, in addition to the 100% whole cluster inclusion, influenced the resulting structure in our 2018 reserve Willamette Valley blend. 

Cortell Rose Vineyard

Eola-Amity Hills
Perched high on the eastern slope of the Eola-Amity Hills, Cortell-Rose is farmed by Jessica Cortell. The vineyard is dry farmed and managed with intention, specifically with longevity, organic, and low intervention has core principles. The vineyard sits right around 600’ and feels the impact of the Van Duzer winds. It has commanding views of the Cascade Range and sometimes four mountain peaks – Helens, Adams, Hood, and Jefferson. We were able to start working with Jessica in 2023 sourcing Pinot Noir from three distinct blocks on Jory clay and basalt bedrock. We are ecstatic to contract her Chardonnay block to transform into sparkling base wine.


Van Duzer
A Demeter-certified, dry-farmed site located in the Van Duzer AVA. Managed and farmed by Morgan Beck and Nathan Wood, both who have become great friends. They are farming our blocks intentionally for our sparkling wine program. The site has calcareous sedimentary soils with non-native, yet sporadic granite. Being in the Van Duzer Corridor, it is greatly impacted by persistent coastal winds. The daily warming effect of the valley pulls the cool maritime air through the coast range. The blocks we source from are ever so slightly north facing and windswept, which balances the ripening of flavor with acidity for freshness and tension. We are constantly in awe that this is always picked after our Eola-Amity vineyards. 

Dampier Vineyard

Columbia Gorge
Dampier Vineyard is a small vineyard site owned by Paul and Pier Huber, who the vineyard is named after. The site is perched high above the Columbia River at 1100-1200' on Underwood Mountain. In 2020 and 2021, we sourced from their old Chardonnay block (originally planted in the early 90s). It is an old clone of Wente. The site is pressured by persistent gorge winds combined with nighttime and morning diurnal shifts. The southeast facing slope, framed to the west by towering Douglas firs, allows for a slow accumulation of sugar and high natural acidity. Our only wish, that there was more. 

Jubilee Vineyard

Eola-Amity Hills
We came up short on some Chardonnay in 2023 and reached out to Jessica Cortell asking if she knew of any additional fruit sources. Jubilee was that source and we got our hands on some extra Mt Eden and Old Wente clones of Chardonnay for our still wines. It is nestled in a northwest amphitheater on volcanic clay just east of the town of Amity. It is a 160-acre farm planted at around 600’. It is surrounded by forest to encourage biodiversity.

Holmes Hill

Eola-Amity Hills
Owned and farmed by Mark Wahle (Wahle Wines), this site is almost a secret in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA and has been contracted almost exclusively by other large producers of the valley for a majority of its life. But thanks to Chris and Draga Butler (Liska Wines), we were able to get access to a smidgin’ (literally) of Pinot gris. It was purposeful as we blended the Pinot gris into some Pinot noir to make a Rose de saignee sparkling base wine. It faces east on a volcanic knoll on the western edge of the Eola-Amity Hills overlooking the Van Duzer AVA. It is a very diverse property encompassing oak savanna, Christmas trees, grapes, olives, and some fruit trees. We love working with Mark because of his gentle demeanor and care for the land.